Hello and Welcome to Unity Holistic Life Coaching and Counseling!

I am so honored and grateful to be able to do this work with you. Let me first commend you for the powerful and courageous step you just took. Doing this kind of work is not easy – it requires a great deal of commitment, some discipline, and a little pain.


Expectation | Explanation | Policy


Depending on your payment plan, sessions are usually either 50 minutes or 25 minutes. If you have requested a session and a half they are approximately 80 minutes.


Every session you will be asked to be prepared with a notebook and something to write with. You will be asked to have your phone set up in a hands-free position (if we are doing remote phone sessions), this is to allow a few minutes at the beginning of every session for a brief meditation and re-centering process.


Payments are to be made BEFORE the sessions either via Venmo, or in person (check or cash). Please be prepared for this. Please contact us for our fees.

Payment plans:

Payment plans are available. Either business administrator Debra or I will be in contact with you- should you require a payment plan. (If you are uncomfortable with someone other than myself contacting you please let me know).

Cancellations are not charged IF given with a 24 hours advance notice. If you need to cancel or reschedule in less than 24 hour notice there will be a fee of the ENTIRE session rate. I realize that life is unpredictable, and it is very important for our relationship that we both understand situations may arise for either of us that cannot be avoided. I am very flexible, reasonable and understanding, so please, let’s just have a conversation and we’ll see what we can work out.

I ask that you never let the lack of funds get in the way of your treatment. This treatment is intense and so brief that you will not require months and months of this type of counseling. You will see a difference after the first session. Because of this, I ask that you be committed to the process and realize that this service can be costly. Please be honest with yourself and with me as to what kind of commitment to this process you are able to make at this time.


Thank you – we look forward to working with you!



Unity Holistic Life Coach & Counseling