In these times it can be challenging to find to find the beauty, the joy, and the positivity in life. And yet history shows us, through tragedy is when human beings are often at their best. It is through the darkest moments that sometimes, all of a sudden we realize what our priorities truly are.  In my own life, I am noticing how much of the quality of my life before the pandemic had to do with my ability to be active, and successful in my goals. Now that I’m limited in what kinds of external activities I can engage in – I have had to once again be brought home to the truth. My truth is that I must cultivate the internal life. That my activeness, and success and or happiness are not directly related to, nor do they exclusively depend upon how busy I am or how much I achieve in a day. There’s a great deal of peace in being totally powerless at times. And there’s a great deal of joy and a sense of accomplishment when I can consciously begin to make the littlest things sacred. Such as; slowing down and consciously saying the words, “I’m so grateful for my breath, I am so grateful for my lungs, I am so grateful for every bone and muscle tendon and ligament – I am so grateful for the way that my heart beats and my lungs inflate and deflate.” I don’t ever want to take these things for granted.