My lifelong passion is, has always been and will always be, helping clients find a new core belief – finding ways to restructure, re-create, and re-author the most traumatizing experiences of their life so they’re able to find meaning and purpose in the wounds as opposed to being obsessed with healing the wounds.

K. Samantha Matern
M.D., J.D.

Let’s move from seeking relief to attaining freedom. I spend a lot of time with people who are not aware of the power within them, the power of their mind. It’s almost like being granted superpowers, but we’re not aware of the fact; unless we train our mind, we are actually trapped in using our superpowers in a negative, unhealthy, even immature way. Our mind is a ‘work horse’, it needs a job. If we don’t give it a task it will find one all on its own. Our mind will find a way that it’s most familiar with. It’s like a default setting on your computer – our minds will go to the default position. If we don’t post a guard outside the gates of our mind, we become far too tolerant of our mind wandering.

Helping my clients take total responsibility and accountability for the quality of content in their life, based on taking responsibility for changing the way they think is an amazing experience. The end of suffering does not come with changing how you feel, it comes with changing how you think! We have been slaves in so many ways – the most considerable, and with the largest impact is being oppressed by our old story.
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Samantha has completely opened my mind and my heart to something I’ve been searching for my whole life. She is helping me to find my true self, something I’ve been completely unable to do on my own. The work we do is full of supporting kindness. I am so blessed to have found my way to her, every day is a new day. Thank you so very much, Samantha!!

Absolute blessing

Scotty J.Absolute blessing

If you’re ready for change in your life and willing to do something to create it, this amazing and beautiful spirit of a woman can definitely bring an incredibly variety of concrete tools and daily practices to your life that will fundamentally shift your existence from a frustrating place of stasis onto a continuing path of growth.

Get out of your No-Zone and into your Grow-Zone with Samantha. She rocks!

Sonny CSamantha Rocks!

Samantha is the real deal; kind, loving, generous and wise from walking with her Higher Power for awhile. She has helped me immensely and always makes time for me. She is worth every penny u spend on her.

Melinda B.Worth Every Penny
In addition to being an expert addictions specialist, individual and family counselor – Samantha has over 20 years of life coaching experience. Samantha Matern has a Masters in Counseling Psychology, a Doctorate in Jurisprudence, and a registered Certification in Addictions Counseling. Samantha is also a Certified Addictions Educator. She has completed her training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)  and has worked extensively with all forms of neurosis and addictions as well as trauma and dual diagnosis psychiatric patients with both mental illness and chemical dependency.